‘Wonder Woman 2’ Characters: Who Is Cheetah? Kristen Wiig May Play Villain

It looks like Diana Prince has a new enemy. “Wonder Woman 2” will feature the DC Comics superhero going up against villainess Cheetah.

According to Deadline, Kristen Wiig is in talks to play the character in the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel. Judging from the comics, it will be a very different role for Wiig.

It isn’t clear, however, which version of the villain she is playing. There have been three women to take on the Cheetah mantle: Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine and Barbara Ann Minerva. The first two were were just women in cheetah suits. Barbara seems a little more likely because she has powers that could make her a true adversary for Wonder Woman.

Barbara is an archaeologist who wants immortality. She finds a tribe in Africa who utilize the powers of a cheetah. She believes they can grant her immortality, but the ceremony goes wrong. Barbara becomes frail and weak — except when the full moon turns her into Cheetah. Eventually, Barbara figures out how to always have the Cheetah powers, even while maintaining her human appearance.

Wonder Woman 2 Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) will fight a new animal-like nemesis in the 2019 sequel. Photo: Warner Bros.

As Cheetah, Barbara has a bunch of superhuman abilities. She is super fast and agile with enhanced senses. DC Database notes that she can handle a punch from Superman or Wonder Woman easily, but she isn’t bulletproof. She is also faster than Diana Prince.

In addition, Cheetah has super strong claws and fangs that can pierce even metahuman skin. She is also eventually able to control actual cheetahs.

It isn’t just her powers that lead us to think Barbara is Cheetah. The character also debuted in 1987, and “Wonder Woman 2” is set to take place in the 80s. In addition, the working title for the movie is “Magic Hour,” according to CBR. Some fans believe the title hints at Circe — another Wonder Woman adversary — making an appearance, which would make sense since the sorceress helps Cheetah learn to control her powers in the comics.

It also wouldn’t be surprising for the sequel to have more than one villain. After all, the first movie included three adversaries: Dr. Maru (Elena Anaya), General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and Ares (David Thewlis).

Fans will get to see exactly which villains are in “Wonder Woman 2” when the movie hits theaters Nov. 1, 2019.

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