Will Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Be Godparents To Kate, William’s Third Child?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be godparents to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s third child.

However, Marlene Koenig, a royal expert, said that even if it is possible, it would be unlikely for Middleton and Prince William to choose Prince Harry and Markle to be their third child’s godparents.

The royal couple did not also pick Prince Harry to be Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s godfather. They decided to ask their closest friends to play the part.

“This is a definite move away from more traditional – foreign royals or older relatives, none of who would have a close relationship with their godchild,” Koenig told Town & Country.

Typically, the royal family chooses friends over the family for the role. But if they suddenly decide to be traditional, Prince Harry and Markle could very well serve as the baby’s godparents. The couple’s wedding on May 19 will also happen before Middleton and Prince William’s third baby’s baptism, so things may still change.

“Godparents are supposed to provide the spiritual guidance to their godchildren, at least for regular folk. But royal godparents have a different role – sometimes at a distance – sending a lovely present for their godchild’s birthday until adulthood – and nice wedding present,” Koenig explained.

Meanwhile, Middleton is expected to give birth sometime next month. The Duchess of Cambridge also announced that she will be going on maternity leave after engaging in her final royal tour with her husband.

Koenig also said that the baby’s official title will be His Royal Highness Prince [Name] of the United Kingdom or Her Royal Highness if Middleton will have another baby girl.

By the looks of it, the groundskeepers of St. Mary’s Hospital are also preparing for Middleton’s baby’s birth. According to People, the railings outside the Lindo Wing are being painted.

Middleton gave birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the same hospital, and she also posed with them separately after they were born. The Duchess is expected to take a photo with her third child and Prince William after his or he birth.

Royal Couples Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may play an important role in the life of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third baby. Pictured: Royal couples attend a Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey in central London, on Mar. 12, 2018. Photo: PAUL GROVER/AFP/Getty Images

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