Will Kate Middleton Become Queen When Prince William Takes Over The Throne?

Kate Middleton will likely be queen if Prince William takes over the throne as king.

Not all brides of princes immediately become a queen when their husbands ascend to the throne. For instance, Clarence House announced in 2005 that Camilla Parker Bowles will use the title HRH The Princess Consort when Prince Charles is crowned king.

However, unlike Camilla, the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to carry the title Queen Consort. In addition, she may also become the next Princess of Wales, Good Housekeeping reported.

The publication noted that when Prince Charles becomes the highest ruling monarch, he will likely make Prince William the new Prince of Wales. This particular title is given to the apparent heir since the 14th history. This is why Prince Charles currently holds the title as he is the next in line to the throne. When he accedes to kingship, Prince William will take over and Middleton will immediately become the Princess of Wales, like Princess Diana was.

Camilla is also entitled to this, but out of respect to the late royal, she opts not to use the title and prefers to be addressed as the Duchess of Cornwall instead. Middleton may do the same.

In related news, although Clarence House announced that Camilla will be princess consort when Prince Charles becomes the king, the latter can still change his wife’s title because he is the sovereign. According to Sally Bedell Smith, author of “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life,” the Prince of Wales wants Camilla to be a queen and dislikes the made-up title.

In fact, the words stating that Camilla would be “Princes Consort” were removed from her biography and Q&A section. This prompted royal fans to believe that the palace is already planning on making Camilla a queen when Prince Charles takes over. However, royal aides denied the rumors and insisted that nothing has changed.

In 2010, Prince Charles was asked if Camilla would be queen, but he did not give a direct answer. “We’ll see, won’t we? That could be,” the duke said.

Camilla was asked the same question during the same year, but also chose to give a vague answer. “You never know,” she responded.

According to a handwriting expert, Camilla would likely love to be the next queen. “Camilla’s writing has a large size with wide and irregular word and letter spacing,” said Tracey Trussell, a handwriting expert and founder of Handright.co.uk. “It means she adores being in the limelight. She craves respect and would love to be Queen.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton Kate Middleton will be queen consort when Prince William takes over the throne. Pictured: Prince William and Middleton visit the Princess Ingrid Alexandra Sculpture Park on Feb. 1, 2018 in Oslo, Norway. Photo: Getty Images/Chris Jackson

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