Who Is Meteorologist Drew Anderson? TV Personality Running For Congress

There is another round of congressional elections in 2018, meaning there will be plenty of candidates looking for unusual ways to get attention and garner support for their causes. Pennsylvania’s 16th congressional district has one such candidate looking to unseat the incumbent Republican: A TV weatherman who legally changed his name to include his job title, Lancaster Online reported.

Drew Anderson spent three years as a meteorologist for the area’s local Fox affiliate and now he wants to primary U.S. Rep Lloyd Smucker, a Republican who will run for his second term this fall. At just 29, he barely passes the age requirement to serve in the House of Representatives. He needs 1,000 signatures from Republicans in the district to get on the ballot, which he said would not be a problem.

However, if he does get on the ballot, voters will notice a peculiar gimmick to his candidacy. His name will be written as Meteorologist Drew Anderson, as he legally changed his name to that in 2017.

“I’m the same on-air as I am off-air,” Anderson told Lancaster Online.

Anderson wants to represent the common man in congress, advocating for small businesses and schools. As a meteorologist, he also wants to be a champion of science in the House, should he somehow beat Smucker. In 2016, Smucker beat Democrat Christina Hartman by 11 points. He has voted with president Donald Trump’s agenda nearly 100 percent of the time in his first term.

Whoever wins the Republican primary would likely face Democrat Jess King, a progressive candidate who champions universal health care, free public college and LGBTQ rights. The district has been represented almost entirely by Republicans for the past century, but newly redrawn district maps could make Pennsylvania more accomodating for Democrats. They were redrawn in February after the old designs were found to be the result of unconstitutional gerrymandering.

Meteorologist Drew Anderson’s name change is reminiscent of another recent congressional candidate, Elvis Presley of Arkansas. Presley is an impersonator of the King of Rock & Roll who legally changed his name to increase recognition.

weather A weatherman legally changed his name to Meteorologist ahead of his congressional run. A doppler radar screen is seen on an office building as a snow storm approaches the area on January 22, 2016 in Washington,DC. Photo: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP/Getty Images

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