Who Is Meghan Markle’s Dad Thomas According To Those He Interacts With?

A lot of stories have been told about Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle Sr. However, the people he interacts with regularly have only spoken up about him recently.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Estefania Villareal, the owner of a coffee shop near Thomas’ house, said that the 73-year-old is a very laidback man with an extremely nice vibe.

“He always tries to speak Spanish, he says, ‘gracias, por favor,’ very basic things,” she said.

Israel Gonzalez, who works at a taco shop next door, said that he recognized Thomas from photos of him online and on the newspaper.

“He seems very nice, very unpretentious; it doesn’t matter to him if you’re rich or if you’re poor. Just imagine, that one day he’ll be the father-in-law of the British prince, and he interacts with us,” he said.

Ever since Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry became public, the former actress’ family was also pulled to the center of several controversies. Thomas has been dubbed as a “reclusive” dad. And several publications claimed that he and Markle are estranged.

But in recent weeks, it has been reported that Thomas will attend his daughter’s wedding to Prince Harry on May 19. The ceremony will be held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Thomas is also expected to walk his daughter down the aisle.

Markle’s parents divorced when she was still very young. And by the looks of it, the 36-year-old royal’s wedding will be one of the few times that they will reunite. Markle’s mom, Doria Radlan, is also expected to attend her wedding and reception thereafter.

Two years ago, Markle talked about her childhood and said that it was difficult to be African-American.

“Growing up in a homogenous community in Pennsylvania, the concept of marrying an African-American woman was not on the cards for my dad. But he saw beyond what was put in front of him in that small-sized (and, perhaps, small-minded) town… He wanted me to find my future,” Markle told Elle UK.

Meghan Markle Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle Sr., has been described positively by those he interacts with. Pictured: Markle is seen ahead of her visit to the iconic Titanic Belfast during her trip with Prince Harry to Northern Ireland on Mar. 23, 2018 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Photo: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

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