Where Is Hawkeye During ‘Avengers: Infinity War’? Everything We Know So Far

Hawkeye is missing. He wasn’t in the first “Avengers: Infinity War” trailer in December, which wasn’t a huge concern since it was just a teaser. However, he hasn’t appeared in any of the other videos or movie posters since, and the Marvel flick will be in theaters in just a month. Fans are wondering what happened to Jeremy Renner’s character.

Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, was last seen being rescued from prison after violating the Sokovia Accords with Team Cap. Steve (Chris Evans) rescued Clint and others, but it isn’t clear where they went after. The “Infinity War” trailer makes it clear that some are on the run while the “Ant-Man and the Wasp” trailer reveals that Scott (Paul Rudd) went home and is on house arrest.

However, the latest posters, released Monday, still don’t give us any clues about Hawkeye.

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