What Queen Elizabeth II Really Thinks Of Prince Harry’s Fiancée Meghan Markle

Prince Harry will soon wed fiancée Meghan Markle, but what does his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, really think of his bride-to-be?

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Katie Nicholl opened up about how she explored the queen’s relationship with Markle in her book, “Harry: Life, Loss, and Love.” The author explained that while the actress’ past doesn’t seem to be ideal for someone about to join the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II apparently supports her grandson’s relationship with Markle.

“One of the things I was really keen to trying to get to the bottom of in the book was how the Queen really felt about Meghan. Because when you look at Meghan on paper she is not necessarily what you might expect of a conventional royal fiancée and that she’s American, she’s a well-known face,” Nicholl told the outlet.

As of now, Markle and Queen Elizabeth II have yet to be photographed side-by-side. However, the actress and monarch have attended two events together — Christmas Day church service and the Commonwealth Day service — and likely interact quite a lot away from the public eye.

According to Nicholl, Markle does not look like the ideal future princess on paper. Not only is she a divorcée, she’s also filmed sex scenes and is older than Prince Harry. However, the author was told that despite this, Queen Elizabeth II has no problem with Markle as the latter is good for her grandson.

“She’s filmed some pretty racy sex scenes that we’ve all seen in ‘Suits.’ Everything from being a divorcée to being a bit older then Prince Harry, to coming from a dual heritage family, you might wonder if the Queen being of a certain generation and, of course, being the queen might have been at all concerned,” the author explained.

“But everything I heard from the sources I spoke to was that she really felt from the outset that Meghan was a positive person in Prince Harry’s life. That she made him very happy and that she was really very supportive,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II has already given Prince Harry and his fiancée’s wedding her royal stamp of approval. The monarch released a statement last week saying that she has officially given her “most dearly beloved grandson” and Markle consent to tie the knot.

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