What Kate, Prince William’s Body Language At Commonwealth Engagement Says About Them

A royal expert recently explained Kate Middleton and Prince William’s body language during their Commonwealth engagements this week.

Traci Brown, the author of “Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence,” talked about one of the couple’s photos where Prince William’s hands are clasped.

“The way he’s doing it signifies that he’s hopeful about a positive outcome. But what about? We don’t know where they’re going or what he and Kate are talking about,” she told Elite Daily.

Brown also said that Prince William could be hopeful about the many things happening in his life. For instance, Middleton is expected to give birth sometime next month.

A second photo shows Middleton and Prince William walking side by side, but not close to each other. Both Middleton and Prince William’s hands are also in the same position. Brown said that this signifies how much they love each other.

“This is typical of what we see from them, and it’s so refreshing to see a couple that’s totally supportive of each other and on the same page. There’s no controversy here!” she said.

Also in the same photo, even though the couple is walking side by side, Prince William is leading his wife a little bit. “He’s just a tad more in the spotlight – which is what we’d expect. He is in line to be king!” Brown said.

And the body language clarified that this doesn’t mean Middleton is subordinate to her husband. After all, she is not hiding behind him, and she has her own presence in the photo.

Meanwhile, Middleton and Prince William had a full schedule on Thursday, and they attended several engagements connected to the Commonwealth. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started their morning at London’s Olympic Park with a visit to SportsAid.

Prince William also tried to shoot some hoops while sitting on a wheelchair. He scored after his third try.

Following their visit, the Kensington Palace announced that Middleton will officially go on maternity leave. She and Prince William are ecstatic to welcome their third child.

Kate Middleton, Prince William Kate Middleton and Prince William’s body language prove they support each other. Pictured: Middleton, Prince William visit SportsAid to undertake engagements celebrating the Commonwealth at the Copperbox Arena on Mar. 22, 2018 in London, England. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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