What Is Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Create’ Program For Teachers?

Apple did not just unveil its all-new 9.7-inch iPad during its “Field Trip” event in Chicago on Tuesday, the Cupertino giant also launched a program called “Everyone Can Create” for teachers. The program offers a free curriculum that educators can use in making artistic endeavors for their students.

According to Apple Insider, the Everyone Can Create program is equipped with various resources and guides that are designed to help teachers integrate music, filmmaking, photography and drawing into their classes. In doing so, the classroom setting becomes more entertaining and nurturing for many students. 

Apple developed the free curriculum with the help of educators and creative professionals with the main goal of honing teachers’ skills in bringing creativity to subjects like English, science, math and history. The new program actually follows a very similar concept to Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” program, which was created to spread Swift programming to schools worldwide. 

The bigger picture is of course not just about Apple’s noble move to help teachers; it is the company securing the success of its revamped iPad tablet. Every aspect of the Everyone Can Create program is strategically designed to promote the use of the new iPad in the classroom setting. 

The new 9.7-inch iPad has all the features necessary to execute the lessons and guides that the program has. For example, students can use the iPad’s camera to learn about fractals. Since the new iPad has support for Apple Pencil, students can use the peripheral to learn about symmetry and other concepts with the help of certain apps like Tayasui Sketches, as per MacRumors.

“When you combine the power of iPad, the creativity of Apple Pencil, over a million iPad apps in the App Store, the rich curriculum in Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create, and unique Classroom and Schoolwork apps that support students and help schools manage technology in the classroom, we believe we can amplify learning and creativity in a way that only Apple can,” Apple’s Philip Schiller said. 

Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support is out now. It costs $329 for regular shoppers, but students can purchase one for a discounted price of $299. Apple will also start teaching the Everyone Can Create program to educators as part of its regular Today at Apple sessions this spring. 

Apple Field Trip Apple CEO Tim Cook speaking onstage at the company’s “Field Trip” event at Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago, Illinois on March 27, 2018. Photo: Reuters/John Gress

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