Watch The 4 Best ‘SNL’ Skits From Last Night

“Saturday Night Live” celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by bringing back Bill Hader, who spent 8 seasons on the NBC show as a cast member. The actor reprised some of his most famous characters and brought along a few famous friends to make surprise appearances. Watch the best “SNL” skits from last night below:

Stefon’s Return: Hader had to reprise his beloved role as tourism correspondent Stefon. First, he recommends a club where you can sit on Billy Joel’s hands until they’re numb. Then, he dishes on an Irish club called “Off to Church, Mother,” which has Farrachauns — leprechauns that look like Farrah Fawcett. Finally, Hader tells of a club with an interesting porta potty situation, but he consults his lawyer (John Mulaney) first. After all, he doesn’t want to insult anyone.

Cold Open: This episode of “SNL” opened with Anderson Cooper (Alex Moffat) interviewing several people connected to Trump. First, Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) says firing Andrew McCabe isn’t right. “I’m just a simple man who wanted to make things bad for immigrants, and now, here I am taking away the pension of a Christian white. It ain’t right,” he says.

Rex Tillerson (John Goodman) says he can’t believe he was fired by Trump, a man who used to sell steaks through the mail. Michael Wolff (Fred Armisen) and Anthony Scaramucci (Bill Hader) also appear to give some insider info.

“Jurassic Park” Auditions: It’s just a marathon of celebrity impressions in this skit. Highlights included Hugh Grant (Alex Moffat), Whoopi Goldberg (Leslie Jones), Drew Barrymore (Heidi Gardner) and Ellen DeGeneres (McKinnon). Hader also reprised his impersonations of Clint Eastwood, Alan Alda and Al Pacino.

Undercover Office Potty: In this “SNL” sketch, a busy office worker decides he doesn’t have time for using the restroom, so he gets an undercover office potty. It’s a toilet that looks like a lamp, but he soon realizes there might be a reason that no one goes to the bathroom in their office.

“Saturday Night Live” will return on April 7. “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman will host while Cardi B performs.

best SNL skits The cold open was one of the best “SNL” skits from last night. Photo: Will Heath/NBC

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