Watch: Suitcase Goes Rogue On Airport Tarmac

Airlines misplacing luggage (and even dogs) is common, but one suitcase decided to take things into its own hands and misplace itself on Tuesday. Footage of a bag going rogue, speeding across the tarmac at Atlanta International Airport, far too fast for anyone to catch on foot, has gone viral.

Flight attendant Michael Orsini captured the event on video during his lunch break, posting it to Facebook and racking up more than 100,000 views.

The video shows the suitcase zooming forward and spinning without anybody on the tarmac seeming to notice, especially not the driver of a pickup truck that approached the bag before going about its business instead of interfering.

Orisini asked people to share the video and make it go viral in the caption, and his wish was granted. “Not sure how much further it went, but it was the most entertaining thing of the day,” Orsini told Travel and Leisure.

Unfortunately, the fate of the suitcase was unclear.

As Travel and Leisure pointed out, the video was reminiscent of a similar video from 2017. In that video, which can be seen below, a suitcase goes on an adventure at Heathrow Airport in London. Without human restraint, the force of the jet engines sent the suitcase on the ride of its life.

Fewer than six bags for every 1,000 passengers were misplaced in 2017, a 12.5 percent improvement over the previous year, Travel and Leisure reported. Almost half of lost bag incidents happened at transfers. Airlines have an incentive to get better at getting baggage from one place to another, as lost bags cost money and baggage fees are a huge boost to profits.

suitcase A viral video showed a rogue suitcase speeding across the tarmac at an airport. Tumi gift suitcases on display at the in goop Health Summit on January 27, 2018 in New York City. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Goop

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