Watch: Deadspin Criticizing Sinclair’s Pro-Trump ‘Must-Run’ Promos

The Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) was heavily criticized in a video compiled by Deadspin, for pushing a pro-Trump stance across several local media channels, including messages that warned the public of “fake news” and “personal bias” in news reports.

SBG, which owns more than 170 news channels across the United States, reportedly compelled anchors and reporters to become mouthpieces for right-wing politics by forcing “must-run” segments on their outlets — segments that the management apparently ordered local newscasters to run in-between their scheduled programs. This has led to heated exchanges between the company officials and their employees.

Deadspin compiled a video of different “must-run” conservative promos that different local news outlets were forced to show by SBG, in which all the reporters sounded like robots. The video went viral on Sunday, with many journalists, comedians and other celebrities raising their voice against the company mandate.

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