Watch: Baby Launched From Car Onto Road After Accident

A small child is “miraculously” alive after being launched from a car onto the street due to a collision, according to Winter Haven, Florida, authorities. A news release from the Winter Haven Police Department outlined the situation in detail, including full surveillance video of the incident.

On March 25, 23-year-old Arteshia Cowart was at a stop sign with two young children, aged two and three, in the backseat of her Buick LeSabre. After about 30 seconds, she pulls forward through the stop sign into the path of a truck driven by 48-year-old Bryan Whiddon. The collision caused her 2-year-old boy to eject through the rear window of the car onto the road.

Distressingly, Cowart’s car then rolls in the direction of the baby on the street, missing him by about five feet. Cowart and her 3-year-old daughter only received minor injuries and, fortunately, the boy who was launched onto the pavement was released from the hospital in good condition days later.

The entire incident can be seen on video, as it was captured by a surveillance camera at a nearby gas station. The angle is not ideal, but the baby can briefly be seen flying through the air at the one minute, 13-second mark.

“It’s a miracle that the impact on the pavement didn’t do more damage to this child,” Winter Haven police spokesman Jamie Brown told FOX-13. “That child is very, very miraculously alive today.”

Whiddon, meanwhile, walked away from the accident with no injuries. A 56-year-old woman who was in the truck with him sustained injuries to her legs, but was in stable condition by Monday.

No charges have been filed, pending an investigation into the accident. Winter Haven police said they did not think the accident was caused by speed or impairment of any kind.

The accident happened just a few days after a gas station security camera in West Palm Beach, Florida, captured a car thief drop off a baby he did not realize he stole in a fit of panic.

lesabre A baby was launched from a Buick LeSabre onto the road following an accident, but it survived. Pictured above is a 2000 LeSabre. Photo: Liaison

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