Travis Scott Sued For Canceling Minnesota Concert: Was It Because Of Stormi?

Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy is in trouble. Houston rapper Travis Scott is now being sued after he canceled a concert in Minnesota the night before the Super Bowl.

The problem? He is holding on to the money that was paid in advance, according to TMZ. The entertainment events company, PJAM, is accusing Scott of pocketing $150,000, plus $10,000 to his booking agent, despite not performing at Myth Nightclub near Minneapolis on Feb. 3.

Documents provided by PJAM also revealed that they arranged a private jet for Scott, and they spent a lot of money to promote the show. However, he bailed on them at the last minute.

Sources close to the rapper blamed time and weather, but the documents shared by PJAM simply said Scott “refused to show up to the event.”

Did Scott bail on the concert because of the birth of his daughter, Stormi Webster? Whatever the reason, PJAM is upset because Scott failed to pay back the $150,000 cash advance. The company also wants the rapper to pay for damages incurred against its reputation. When sought for a comment, Scott and his team have not yet provided any.

While things are not going well on the work front, the same cannot be said for his personal life. Scott is really doing well in his relationship with Kylie, and everybody is raving how wonderful he is around Stormi.

Even Kylie’s mom, Kris, thinks highly of the Houston rapper and said he’s a great match for her daughter. “He’s so great,” Kris told Us Weekly at the grand opening of Nassif MD Medical Spa in Beverly Hills on March 7. “He’s really, really great, really attentive, and couldn’t be cuter with Kylie.”

When asked if Scott also helps out by changing Stormi’s diapers, Kris admitted: “You know what, I haven’t really seen him change a diaper, but I’m never there at diaper time.”

Kris even came to the defense of Scott as Stormi’s real dad when she appeared on the 106.5 radio show Kyle and Jackie O. There, Kris confronted rumors that fellow rapper Tyga, who broke up with Kylie back in April 2017, is actually Stormi’s dad.

Tyga reportedly wanted to conduct a paternity test over Kylie’s one-month-old baby. Host Kyle said, “Tyga was chiming in saying maybe it was his baby.”

But Kris was adamant about the baby’s real father. Before he could go any further, she said: “Oh no, no no. I think that was just a bunch of silly rumors as usual. Yeah, you guys know better than that.” Travis Scott Travis Scott is in trouble after he bailed out on his scheduled concert in Minnesota. In this photo, the rapper attends the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on Sept. 23, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Getty Images/Sam Wasson

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