‘The Royals’ Season 4 Spoilers: What Happens In Episode 4?

The dirt Liam got on King Robert may not have given him the desired result when it came to proving his brother had killed their father on “The Royals.” However, Robert may prove he isn’t quite above the dark schemes and plots on Season 4, Episode 4, “Black As His Purpose Did The Night Resemble.”

After Liam’s (William Moseley) accusations, and realizing that Eleanor (Alexandra Park) would persist in having a relationship with Jasper (Tom Austen) despite his objections, it appears Robert (Max Brown) will find a new way to abuse his powers. Instead of focusing on his family, he may turn his eyes to the city of London and the country as a whole—and will institute a city-wide blackout which is sure to cause some chaos. Here are two things that will happen after the lights go out on the April 1 episode.

Jasper Winds Up In Danger

Eager to start their lives together now that they’ve officially reunited, Eleanor arranged for Jasper to finish his recovery from his gunshot wound at the palace. However, he was loaded into the ambulance and on his way as the lights went out. Now, he is in South London, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods, and a riot has broken out. Unfortunately for him, the men driving the ambulance don’t want to deal with the chaos and flee—leaving poor Jasper behind, strapped onto a gurney, as the rioters begin attacking the vehicle.

Helena’s Mother Makes Another Appearance

While the drama outside is intense due to the blackout, things inside the palace won’t be entirely calm. Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) appears to be caught in the wine cellar—alongside Cyrus (Jake Maskall) and surprisingly, her own mother, the Grand Duchess (Joan Collins). However, the situation will quickly make Helena want to be free, as she hears about her mother’s new lover, and quickly realizes that her mother intends to show off the grand wealth of the palace and pass it off as her own. While this continues to frustrate her, Cyrus seems to enjoy the drama, eating it all up with a smirk on his face.

“The Royals” airs Sundays at 19 p.m. EDT on E!

The Royals A blackout sparks chaos on Episode 4 of “The Royals.” Photo: E!

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