‘The Royals’ Season 4 Spoilers: ‘Seek For Thy Noble Father In The Dust’ Synopsis

The evidence Liam needs to potentially take his brother down may be in his hands on “The Royals.” However, the prince could once again find himself being outsmarted by his brother the king.

Liam (William Moseley) arrived home after his weekend at Greta’s (Lily Loveless) potentially with all of the information he needed to prove that Robert (Max Brown) was behind the plot to kill Simon (Vincent Regan). In addition, when Jasper (Tom Austen) revealed himself as the guard who took a bullet for Robert, he seemed to indicate that he felt there was something more to the assassination attempt. Now, as he continues to recover and Liam sinks more and more into the dark side to try and overthrow his brother from the throne, the two may team up as they try to prove what Robert has done.

In a preview clip for the episode, Liam pays Jasper a visit in his hospital room, where he reveals that he isn’t going to let Robert get away with his alleged crimes and he intends to expose him in front of everyone at the same time.

“I am going to expose that fraud in front of my family and the world,” he says in the preview.

A synopsis for the episode teases that Liam “makes a big move with the evidence he has on Robert,” which could mean he will in fact expose what he’s learned. If he does, it could hit his mother, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), particularly hard, as she’s seen confronting Robert in the clip.

“I want you to tell me that you’re a good man,” she pleads with him.

However, her doubts about her son could quickly be replaced by concern for something else as the synopsis also claims that “Helena finds herself at the center of a new scandal,” which could see her distracted from the big problems surrounding Robert.

In addition, Robert will make it clear to Jasper that he still doesn’t approve of his relationship with Eleanor (Alexandra Park), despite the fact that his sister made it clear he is to no longer interfere in her love life. His continued disdain for the American bodyguard will be evident when he pays him a visit as well.

“I keep trying with you, but I just don’t know,” he says.

Still, if Jasper feels there was more to the shooting—like the bullet was actually aimed at him—he may caution Eleanor that they shouldn’t upset Robert, though the princess will be adamant that she is going to control her own romantic destiny.

“He may be the boss of the kingdom, but he’s not the boss of me,” she says.

“The Royals” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on E!

The Royals Liam (William Moseley) could reveal the information he has gathered on Robert (Max Brown, not pictured) on Season 4, Episode 3 of “The Royals.”  Photo: E!

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