‘Suits’ Season 7B Spoilers: Aaron Korsh Teases Mike And Rachel’s Exit

“Suits” creator Aaron Korsh suggested that Mike and Rachel’s imminent decision to leave Pearson Specter Litt in the upcoming Season 7 finale of the USA Network series is both a professional and personal choice.

In a recent interview with TVLine, Korsh revealed that Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) impending decision to depart from Pearson Specter Litt has something to do with his preference to work on pro bono cases.

“Mike and Harvey (Gabriel Macht), at the end of Season 6, made the deal about ‘one for you, one for me,’ meaning ‘one pro bono case for you, and one corporate case for me.’ And the truth of the matter is that’s a tough thing to maintain,” Korsh said. “Do you want to be a pro bono attorney that helps people? Or do you want to be a corporate attorney that’s about money? It’s hard to have a major foot in both camps. And in large degree, Season 7 is about Mike realizing that, and the back six [episode arc] codifies that in his mind through one particular incident that happens on a case that he’s trying.”

Meanwhile, Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) imminent decision to vacate her position in the law firm seems to be a personal one.

“In the back six [episodes], Rachel is finally getting down to, ‘Listen, we put this wedding off. You’re now out of prison. Are we going to focus on it or not?’” Korsh said. “The front half of Season 7 was them saying, ‘Let’s put it to the side a little bit,’ and then the back half of Season 7 is them saying, ‘Let’s put it on the front burner a little bit.’ And in putting it on the front burner, I wouldn’t say it forces you, but when you’re getting married, you tend to think about what you want out of life. Where do you want to spend it? How do you want to lead it? There’s a particular episode where that comes to the fore with them, and that plays into what’s going on with Mike, professionally — and collectively, they make this decision [to leave Pearson Specter Litt].”

While Korsh won’t confirm if Mike and Rachel are going to have a happy send-off, the executive producer told TV Guide that they went back and forth to make the season finale “sweet, bitter, or bittersweet.” “We think we struck the right balance, is I guess what I’ll say,” the exec producer said.

Korsh also told Variety that the remaining episodes of the current season “are going to honor” Mike and Rachel’s relationship. “There was actually a promo… that went back to all of their moments — the key moments of their relationship that have built to where we ultimately conclude. We absolutely had all those moments in mind when we decided how we’re going to send them off and what we’re going to do.”

Mike and Rachel make their final appearance in Season 7’s two-hour finale, airing on Wednesday, April 25.

Meghan Markle as Rachel, Patrick J. Adams as Mike “Suits” creator Aaron Korsh revealed that Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) imminent decision to leave Pearson Specter Litt has something to do with his preference to work on pro bono cases. Photo: USA Network/Shane Mahood

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