‘Rocket League’ Chat Ban System Addresses ‘Abusive Language,’ ‘Toxic Behavior’

The upcoming Tournaments Update of “Rocket League” is going to add a feature that will address the inappropriate behavior of some players. Psyonix has announced a system called Chat Ban, which is designed to mitigate and, hopefully, eliminate abuse and harassment in the vehicular soccer game.

On Thursday, the developer took to the official “Rocket League” website to announce and explain the new Chat Ban system. “We’re adding a new way to identify and curb player abuse and harassment in ‘Rocket League.’ To go along with Game Bans that we already issue when players are in violation of the Code of Conduct, Chat Bans will be the new first step in addressing abusive language and toxic behavior in game,” Psyonix stated.

The Chat Ban system basically disables a player’s ability to chat while playing in a match. This way players who typically use derogatory and abusive language will be removed from the chat system of “Rocket League.” As per the developer, the conduct that will lead to a Chat Ban is the same type that the Game Ban targets.

“Rocket League” already has the Language Ban system, but Psyonix has decided to incorporate the existing feature into the Chat Ban system, so it could all the more secure the well-being of players. For those who are not familiar with the Language Ban system, it is the feature that targets those who use racial, gender and homophobic slurs in the game.

The new Chat Ban system also affects Quick Chat. Players who are reported and proven to have violated the Code of Conduct will only be able to use Quick Chat once every five seconds. Unfortunately, the new feature is not applicable to Private Matches or Party Chat in Online Matches.

So how does the Chat Ban system work? First, Online Match players need to report the one who is using abusive language in their chat. The system will then scan the complete chat log of the specific match in question. Should the system find a user who has written words or text deemed inappropriate by the Code of Conduct, it will remove that user’s ability to chat in matches for a specific period of time.

Chat Bans can last for one day. But in certain cases, players can be banned from the chat feature for up to one month. Players who have been banned from chat for one month but continue to display abusive behavior will receive Game Bans instead.

Rocket League “Rocket League’s” new Chat Ban system addresses abusive language and toxic behavior by some players. Photo: Rocket League website

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