Queen Elizabeth II Trusts Prince William, Prince Harry More Than Prince Charles?

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly has more trust towards her two grandsons, Princes William and Harry, then her own son Prince Charles.

In his book, “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,” Andrew Morton claimed that the Queen was particularly impressed with how Prince Harry handled his official engagements as a member of the family. The 91-year-old monarch is also happy with how her grandson and Meghan Markle managed their high-profile relationship.

“The Queen trusts her grandsons. She has confidence in them in a way that she has never had with her eldest son. William and Harry have star quality and are believable and authentic heirs to monarchy,” a courtier told Morton, which he noted in his book.

Queen Elizabeth II is also pleased with how her grandsons engaged with the public because this is something that Prince Charles has not done with ease.

Reports about the Queen and Prince Charles’ alleged strained relationship came to light recently after Tom Bower talked about it in his unauthorized book. In “Rebel Prince,” Bower claimed that Prince Charles has been advocating for his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, to become the future queen.

Bower also claimed that the Queen did not support Prince Charles and Parker-Bowles’ relationship in the beginning. After drinking several glasses of martini, the Queen allegedly referred to Parker-Bowles as a wicked woman.

The author also said that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II were so doubtful of Prince Charles’ abilities to become king that they want to live for as long as possible.

“At a recent dinner with friends in Mayfair, Philip joked about his determination to live beyond 95. The reason for his and the Queen’s longevity, he explained amid his friends’ laughter, was to keep Charles from the throne… Philip did not hide his scorn for his son’s achievements and vision, and showed little confidence that Charles could impress himself upon history as an exceptional king,” Bower wrote (via the Daily Mail).

However, several experts slammed Bower’s book after he revealed that he has not spoken to the people that he quoted.

Princes Harry, William, Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth II is proud of her two grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Pictured: Princes Harry, William, Queen Elizabeth II look on after attending the Trooping of the Colour ceremony June 14, 2003 in London, England. Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

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