Prince William Visits Prince Charles’ Duchy Of Cornwall Estate

Prince William paid a surprise visit to Prince Charles’ designer village of Poundbury.

On Thursday, the Duke of Cambridge visited his father’s Duchy of Cornwall estate in Dorset. He dropped by at a butcher’s shop in Queen Mother Square that featured a 10-foot bronze statue of his late great-grandmother. The place has a palatial block of flats that look like Buckingham Palace.

Daily Mail shared a photo of Prince William’s visit. However, it remains unknown why the royal was there. “This was an entirely private visit and there was no public element involved at all,” a spokesman for the Duchy of Cornwall’s Poundbury office said.

For the visit, Prince William dressed casually in a gray fleece top, plum colored chinos and brown boots. He met with local business owners who were very pleased to see him. They were both surprised and at the same time pleased that they want to see the Duke of Cambridge again.

“It was a great surprise to everyone as no one was expecting him to be down here,” said Tom Amery, who runs Brace of Butchers with partner Elle Matthews. “We opened the business a few years ago as Prince Charles was very keen for there to be a butchers here.”

“I think it is really lovely that he’s come and it’s just a shame we didn’t see more of him,” said Margaret Morrissey, chairman of one of the Poundbury’s management companies said. “It’s not an unusual occurrence to open your front door and see Prince Charles walking past but seeing Prince William isn’t something that happens every day.”

In related news, Prince William will skip the 2018 FA Cup Finals for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. Both events are scheduled on the same day but over five hours apart. However, the Duke of Cambridge has reportedly decided to miss the football match to attend the evening reception of his brother’s nuptials.

“I think Harry should have changed the date instead of putting his brother in a situation to choose!” Draida wrote.

Some blamed Prince Harry for setting his wedding on the same day as the football league’s final. “Bit inconsiderate of Harry to get married on FA Cup final day?” another user wrote.

Royal Family Prince William paid a visit to Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall estate. Pictured: Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Prince William arrive at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference at Lancaster House on Feb. 13, 2014 in London. Photo: Getty Images/John Stillwell

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