Prince Harry To Visit Croydon On Saturday Without Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is scheduled to make an appearance in Croydon on Saturday, March 24.

He will be making an appearance at the Croydon Town Hall on Katherine Street at 7 p.m. (3 p.m. EDT). He will also serve as the guest of honor at Inspire 4 Change’s annual banquet, which aims to raise the profile of the charity, as well as gather donations.

The charity was previously called Heal Our World Foundation, but it changed its name to Inspire 4 Change in 2015. The charity boasts a team made up of five people, who all live around the borough and are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Omar Sentamu, the found of the charity, released a statement regarding Prince Harry’s upcoming visit.

“Prince Harry regularly speaks about a lot of mental health issues and I think it’s really important for him to come. I think young people also relate to him out of all the royals,” he said

Sentamu also said that they have not been told whether or not Meghan Markle will join Prince Harry on his visit to Croydon.

“We have no confirmation of Meghan Markle’s attendance but we hope she comes as she is our future princess. We want Croydon to give them a great reception and show that this borough is the best. We are getting excited and I am definitely not going to sleep tonight. It will be a great way to show all of our hard work,” he said.

Meanwhile, prior to Prince Harry’s visit to Croydon, he first went to Belfast with Markle on Friday. During their visit to Northern Island, Prince Harry and Markle went to the Titanic Belfast’s interactive galleries, which tell the story of the Titanic.

The royal couple also met with some entrepreneurs being supported by the not for profit organization Catalyst Inc HQ. They also went to the Belfast campus of Northern Ireland’s next generation science park.

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