Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Other Royals’ Naughty Moments Caught On Camera

Royal children like Prince George and Princess Charlotte have their fair share of tantrums and moments of naughtiness too.

Hello! compiled several photos of members of the British royal family, including Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Bea, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, unleashing their playfulness and having outbursts.

Prince George

In 2016, Prince George was photographed crying as he strolled through the park with his family for Prince Charlotte’s christening. But he looked happier after the event.

Another photo featured Kate Middleton holding Princess Charlotte’s hand while talking to Prince George during Pippa Middleton’s wedding. Prince George, who served as the pageboy, reportedly played with Pippa’s wedding dress and shook out his flower basket, so his mom reprimanded him. The little prince shed some tears after he was scolded, but got over it immediately.

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