Prince Charles Wants Australia To Be A Republic, Paul Keating Says

Prince Charles wants Australia to become a republic, according to Paul Keating.

The Prince of Wales is set to visit Australia for the Commonwealth Games this month. Just days before his visit, Keating claimed that the next-in-line to the throne wanted the Oz to be independent of the British monarchy.

“I have no doubt he believes Australia should be free of the British monarchy and that it should make its own way in the world,” Keating said (via The Australian). “Why would he or any one of his family want to visit Australia pretending to be, or representing its aspirations as, its head of state?”

“But none of that is to diminish the commitment and sense of duty that Prince Charles displays towards Great Britain and, as constitutional arrangements stand, towards Australia. He is a great friend of Australia — there is no doubt about that,” Keating added.

Some didn’t like Keating’s statement. “Prince Charles would just want to do his duty and he shouldn’t be verballed by an ex-PM,” Tony Abbot wrote on Twitter.

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