OnePlus 6 Leaked Image Reveals Textured Back, Headphone Jack

The OnePlus 6 is expected to launch in just a few months, specifically in June, and rumors as well as purported leaks have already emerged online. Interestingly, a new leaked image has seemingly confirmed some of the design elements of the OnePlus 6.

The image of the OnePlus 6 was shared by VentureBeat reporter and notorious leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) on Twitter. The photo only shows the back of device, but it does give everyone a general idea of how the OnePlus 6 will look and possibly feel like in the hand.

The most obvious thing that was first pointed out by Android Authority is that the OnePlus 6’s back looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The OnePlus 6 has vertically-aligned dual cameras and right beneath them is the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The layout is almost identical to the Galaxy S9 Plus, but the flash module on the OnePlus 6 sits between the cameras and the fingerprint scanner.

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