Nurse Finds 60 Kidney Donors By Advertising On Billboards

An Oregon woman found 60 kidney donors after putting up advertisements for one on billboards.

Roxanne Loomis, 65, found out 13 years ago her kidneys were fast deteriorating. In order to slow down the inevitable process, she cut back on protein in her diet and began monitoring her blood pressure levels on a daily basis. However, by 2014, her kidneys were barely functioning.

After waiting for four and a half years, she began undergoing dialysis — an expensive process that removed toxic waste from the blood, essentially mimicking the function of her failing organ, local news outlet Oregon Public Broadcasting reported. 

She could no longer go to her daily job as an emergency nurse and opted for part-time position instead. 

When Loomis was unable to find a donor, her doctor told her one of his patients had found a person by advertising on a billboard. Eager to try her hand at anything that can get her the right donor, Loomis started looking for the ideal space to put up a billboard which listed her requirement.

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