Netizens Blame Prince Harry For Prince William Skipping FA Cup Finals 2018

Prince William will not make it to the FA Cup Finals.

When the palace announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding is scheduled on May 19, many were surprised because it’s set on the same date as the FA Cup Finals. Some were also wondering if the Duke of Cambridge can attend both events. According to a new report, Kate Middleton’s husband will be at his brother’s wedding and will skip the football match.

“So on this occasion, the Duke of Cambridge chosen the wedding festivities over the football,” ITV stated.

Some supported Prince William’s choice; after all, it is his brother’s big day. However, not everyone is happy with the Duke’s choice considering that he is the FA Cup president. Meanwhile, some blamed Prince Harry and Markle for choosing the same date at as the FA Cup Finals.

“I think Harry should have changed the date instead of putting his brother in a situation to choose!” Draida wrote.

“They shouldn’t have arranged their stupid wedding on cup final day, then,” Paul Sewter said.

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