Mother ‘Overwhelmed’ By Son’s Autism Tries To Behead Him With Bow Saw

A woman in Maryland allegedly claimed she was so overwhelmed with taking care of her autistic 11-year-old son that she tried to decapitate him with a bow saw, reports said Saturday.

Kristina Petrie, 46, felt she failed in raising her child and feared the boy and his brother would grow up and become liabilities in society, the Miami Herald reported.

Petrie has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree child abuse and second-degree child abuse after she reportedly took a saw to the back of her 11-year-old son’s neck, WJLA reported. The names of her sons were not revealed

The incident, which took place March 12, happened after her autistic son returned home from school and went upstairs to play video games. According to investigative reports, the child’s 46-year-old mother entered his room carrying a bow saw and asked why he was not doing his homework. When the boy said he would do it later, his mother reportedly became furious.

Petrie allegedly raised the saw and chased her son, pinned him to the ground, sat down on his back and then moved the teeth of the bow saw back and forth against the 11-year-old boy’s neck multiple times, a criminal affidavit cited by New York Daily News stated. Authorities claimed the boy managed to grab the bow saw from his mother before running away.

“Victim A stated that he ended up in the kneeling position as Kristina Petrie ‘jammed’ the bow saw into the back of his neck, moved it back and forth multiple times and ‘tried to kill’ him,” one of the court documents said, Sky News reported.

Petrie reportedly called her husband and admitted to attacking their eldest son. At some point, the child’s father showed up at the house and with the help of a neighbor took both his wife and child to the hospital. 

tools-1209764_1920 A woman overwhelmed with taking care of her 11-year-old son who has autism reportedly tried to decapitate him, March 31, 2018. Above is a representational photo. Photo: Pixabay

The boy had cuts on his left shoulder, red splotches on his back, small cuts on his fingers, broken skin, and scabbing, according to reports.

During Petrie’s medical evaluation, the Maryland woman purportedly told hospital staffers she had done the unthinkable.

She reportedly told employees she felt “overwhelmed” and like she “was not doing enough to help her children with their autism.”

Petrie feared her sons would “grow up to be a burden to society” and believed they “needed to die,” and allegedly told staff at the hospital she was there because she had “tried to kill her kids again.”

She is scheduled to appear in court on April 20. Petrie’s attorney told the Idaho Statesman his client’s intention had never been to harm her son. She has been undergoing further medical evaluation and is being held without bond.

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