Military Veteran Bob Crawford’s Immigrant Wife Faces Deportation, DHS Refuses To Help

The wife of an Army 7th Special Forces Group veteran could be deported if a Virginia immigration court rules against Elia Crawford, the wife of retired Sgt. 1st Class Bob Crawford on Monday.

Elia, 44, fled to the United States illegally 1999 after the deadly Hurricane Mitch that killed 7000 natives in Honduras. She got married to Bob in 2001, when was still on active duty and was being deployed regularly with 7th Group to conduct training missions and counter-narcotics operations in Latin America, Military Times reported. 

Immediately after getting married, the couple filed for securing legal residency for Elia, which is when Bob found out that his wife was under deportation orders – orders which would not be waived off by the Department of Homeland Security in the coming years.

“We’ve been fighting this for years,” Bob said, adding, “My wife supported me the whole time I was gone — she ran the house. Behind every good soldier is a good woman.”

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