Meghan Markle’s Royal Coat Of Arms Will Be ‘Designed To Identify’ Her

Meghan Markle is entitled to receive her own royal coat of arms ahead of the royal wedding.

Just like Kate Middleton, the “Suits” star will receive her own royal crest. Markle’s coat will be “designed to identify” her just as how the Duchess of Cambridge’s was done.

“Every Coat of Arms has been designed to identify a person, school or organisation, and to last forever: heraldry is Europe’s oldest, most visual and strictly regulated form of identity and it surrounds us in Britain, giving clues to our history and surroundings,” Thomas Woodcock, Garter Principal King of Arms, said during Middleton’s wedding (via Express).

Richard Eden shared a mock-up of Markle’s coat of arms. The photo features yoga, acting, fashion and her ancestry.

According to royal experts, the coat of arms costs $6,264. In Middleton’s case, it marks the increase in social status of her parents and her potential as a future queen.

The Duchess’ coat of arms includes a gold chevron in the center that signifies her mother, Carole, whose maiden name was Goldsmith. It includes white chevronels and narrow chevrons that symbolize peaks and mountains as the Middleton family loves Lake District and skiing.

As mentioned this material is a mark of one’s increase in status. So, aside from Markle, her father, Thomas Markle, may also receive one similar to Middleton’s dad, Michael Middleton.

“Miss Markle’s father has the right to a coat of arms because his daughter is marrying into the Royal Family, a source tells me,” Eden wrote. “Kate Middleton’s father was given one, just as Sophie Rhys-Jones’s father was when she married Prince Edward.”

In related news, Markle’s dad has been keeping himself out of the spotlight since his daughter’s royal romance with Prince Harry is publicized. The two gentlemen have never been seen together, but the duke has reportedly forged a close relationship with the retired lighting director.

“Talk that Harry had upset Tom with comments about their family aren’t true,” said Lori Davis, Thomas’ friend. “He thinks Harry’s a great guy – he couldn’t have wished for a better son-in-law.”

In addition, Thomas will attend Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding. In fact, he is expected to give her daughter away and deliver a speech at the reception.

 “He doesn’t plan on not going [to the wedding]. Out of respect, Tom says little – but I can’t imagine him not being invited. He’d love to walk her down the aisle,” Davis explained.

Meghan Markle Meghan Markle’s royal coat of arms will reflect her identity. Pictured: Markle visit Catalyst Inc, Northern Ireland’s next generation science park, to meet young entrepreneurs and innovators on March 23, 2018 in Belfast, Nothern Ireland. Photo: Getty Images/Chris Jackson

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