Meet The ‘Love At First Flight’ Cast Before Lifetime Premiere

Getting “Married at First Sight” isn’t the only wat to find love in 2018. Lifetime viewers who want to see couples potentially find love while traveling around the United States before they say “I Do,” will be able to do so with the network’s newest series– “Love at First Flight.”

Before the series kicks off on Tuesday, March 20, get to know the eight participants who are going on the adventure of a lifetime in a quest to find love.

Jenna Fortner And Cale O’Bryan

Love at first flight, jenna and cale Jenna Fortner and Cale O’Bryan hope to find love with one another on “Love at First Flight.” Photo: A&E Television Networks

Jenna is a 26-year-old school teacher, while Cale is a 30-year-old attorney. When describing why they each signed up to do the show during the first episode, Cale admitted he had been in an on/off relationship for years, where he was never entirely sure where he stood. Jenna, meanwhile, was in a relationship with a man who was married and opted to instead find someone else whom she could marry.

Stephanie Johnson And Michael Stewart

Love at first flight, Stephanie and Michael Stephanie Johnson and Michael Stewart hope to make a permanent love connection with one another on “Love at First Flight.” Photo: A&E Television Networks

Stephanie and Michael are both 31-year-old entrepreneurs. She is very open about her religion and faith and will express how it is important to her that any partner of hers also share those beliefs. Michael reveals he signed up for the show after having less success than he’d hoped in his dating life prior. However, his story is also one that is sad, as his last serious girlfriend suffered from epilepsy, and died from a seizure.

Alma Lopez And Michael Naccari

Love at First Flight, Alma and Michael Alma Lopez and Michael Naccari are hoping to find love on “Love at First Flight.” Photo: A&E Television Networks

Alma, a 31-year-old patient advocate, and Michael, a 30-year-old accountant, are both interested in finding the person they can see themselves spending the rest of their lives with. He especially hopes to find a true wife in this experience because he doesn’t want to wind up getting divorced, something his parents wound up doing.

Stephanie Van Eecke And Ryan Pinter

Love at first flight, Stephanie and Ryan Is love in the air for Stephanie Van Eecke and Ryan Pinter on “Love at First Flight?” Photo: A&E Television Networks

Stephanie, a 29-year-old wedding singer, and Ryan, a 26-year-old sales executive who is currently taking a break from work, could have an interesting bond. Not only is she motivated by this experience to find someone right for her, after getting out of a seven-year relationship with a man who was unfaithful, but Ryan is also motivated to find someone after taking time off to figure out what he wanted from his own life. His goals are to do after a scary experience with Pericarditis.

Will these couples find love? Find out by watching “Love at First Flight,” Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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