Matt Lauer Update: Anchor’s Marriage To Wife Annette Roque ‘Is Completely Over’

Matt Lauer’s life was turned upside when NBC received a complaint accusing the “Today” show anchor of sexual harassment in November 2017. After being fired from the network, the journalist’s personal life seemed to fall apart and he found himself at the center of  rumors his wife, Annette Roque, was divorcing him.

Since the scandal occurred, Lauer and the Dutch model have been spending time apart. Those close to the pair reveal their relationship is done and it’s only a matter of time before the two officially break up.

“Their marriage is completely over. At this point, all they have left to do is to settle their divorce and to separate their assets,” a source told Entertainment Tonight.

“Annette is done playing the role of Matt’s loyal wife,” the insider claims, following reports the journalist was having an affair.

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer Annette Roque is reportedly ready to end her marriage with Matt Lauer. The couple is pictured attending the Animal League America Celebrity Gala on Nov. 22, 2013 in New York City. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Sources allege the union turned into a marriage of convenience and the two began to live separate lives.

“They decided to stay together for the children and to keep up appearances which was very important for Matt. At first, Annette was disgraced by the accusations, just walking around in public became difficult. As time passed, the humiliation turned to anger.”

Those close to the couple state the marriage has been in turmoil for the past two years, and Roque seems to have reached her breaking point.

“Annette had to hear about Matt’s wandering eye incessantly. People noticed his focus seemed to be all about his career and life in New York, certainly not about making his marriage work,” the insider said.

While Lauer’s personal life seems to be going up in flames, he still has hope his career as a journalist isn’t completely over.

“He has seen a lot of people come back and hopes he will too. For right now, his friends feel that isn’t realistic. His team has discussed a public apology, but agreed disappearing right now seems to be for the best,” the source stated.

Although Lauer desires to salvage his career at some point, sources reveal he isn’t leading the easiest life at the moment. “He hasn’t shown his face at his Manhattan apartment lately,” an insider confessed.

“The Hamptons has been a good place for him to hide, but he isn’t sure he will stay. Matt definitely regrets his behavior. He lost not only his family, but his career and many of his closest friends. The ‘Today’ show was his life,” the source explained.

Lauer and Roque have yet to release a statement regarding the state of their marriage.

Matt Lauer Matt Lauer has been reflecting on his behavior. The journalist is pictured attending The Rolling Stones celebrate the North American debut of Exhibitionism on Nov. 15, 2016 in New York City. Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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