Marjory Stoneman Douglas Student Reportedly Arrested For Snapchat Gun Threat

A social media threat made by one Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student towards another pupil had some on edge. TMZ reports a pair of images posted to Snapchat led to an arrest at the Parkland, Florida, school last week where suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 students and faculty in a Valentine’s Day massacre that kicked off a nationwide movement for increased gun control.

The two images, which were allegedly posted by an unidentified MSD student, appeared to be threats to another student at the school named Josh. One image depicted a gun tucked into the waistband of the student’s jeans, accompanied by text that said: “catch me out here n****.”

The second photo showed several bullets next to a computer keyboard. The text plastered over that image was far more specific, asking for the aforementioned Josh at MSD.

“Anyone know josh at Stoneman Douglas he’s light skin where’s Gucci glasses and jeans that look like a 4 year old drew on em hmu,” the Snapchat caption said.

Josh was accused of stealing sandals from the student who posted the pictures, according to TMZ. It was unclear if the images represented a genuine threat of violence or a morbid teen joke, but police apparently did not care. Cops reportedly arrested the student at the school, after which he revealed the bullets belonged to his father and the weapon was a BB gun.

Adding to the curiosity was that the student’s username in the popular online video game “Fortnite” was reportedly “NickCruz,” an obvious nod to the man who was charged with perpetrating the school shooting in February.

In the days and weeks following the MSD shooting, several schools around the United States were hit with copycat threats, sometimes causing cancellations and shutdowns.

msd A Marjory Stoneman Douglas student was arrested for an alleged Snapchat gun threat. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School staff, teachers and students return to school greeted by police and well wishers in Parkland, Florida on February 28, 2018. Photo: RHONA WISE/AFP/Getty Images

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