‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Season 4 Spoilers: Sneak Peek Teases Andrea’s Risky Pregnancy

Andrea should be on top of the world after making up with her best friend, Minnie, and finding out the gender of her baby.  However, in this exclusive sneak peek of “Little Women: Atlanta” Season 4, episode 12, it looks like the expectant mom is going to get some shocking news about her little one.

In this new clip, Andrea visits the doctor’s office and is accompanied by her twin sister, Amanda. Although it initially seems like a typical visit, Andrea is seeing the doctor because she is only 23 weeks pregnant, but has been experiencing contractions. 

The doctor informs her that going into labor this early in her pregnancy is dangerous because the chances of the baby’s survival are not high. “In other words, it either won’t make it or it will have serious problems. I think you’re gonna have to go to the hospital,” the doctor says.

The physician explains they have to get Andrea further along in her pregnancy in order for her to safely give birth to her baby.

The doctor reveals Andrea will have to be put on medication that will hopefully stop her contractions, which could give the baby a better chance at survival.

Once the doctor exits the room, the twins began to cry, and Amanda rushes over to comfort her sister as Andrea begins to break down in tears.

In the past, Andrea hasn’t had a typical experience after giving birth. Her first two children, who are both little people, suffered from medical problems after birth.

Following the delivery of her first child, Andre, the baby had several medical issues, and Andrea was forced to leave him in the care of her parents, who lived near his doctors.

When her second child, Aubrey, was born, the newborn had to be put on a feeding tube for the first few months of her life but was eventually able to digest food on her own.

Now that her third child, another baby girl and little person, is at risk of being born too early, Andrea may either see history repeat itself or hopefully experience a miracle.

“Little Women: Atlanta” Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

Little Women: Atlanta Amanda and Andrea Salinas are cast members on “Little Women: Atlanta” Season 4. Photo: Lifetime

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