Liposarcoma Symptoms, Causes: 30-Pound Tumor, Wrapped Around Organ, Removed From Man’s Belly

A 62-year-old New Jersey man’s previously thought belly fat turned out to be a 30-pound cancerous tumor that was growing in his abdomen. Kevin Daly, a former athlete, was confused when his stomach became bigger and bigger, but later was shocked to learn about the tumor. 

Daly said he first noticed the belly growth after he underwent a heart surgery for a calcified valve in Dec. 2015. Many people told him that his belly fat could also be a “beer belly,” but Daly disagreed as he did not have beer.

“I came home a week after the surgery, and I looked in the mirror for the first time and I was all upset,” Daly, 63, told People magazine. “This thing was growing, but my shoulders and chest had atrophied from the surgery, so it made my stomach protrude more. I brought it to the attention of my doctor, but [any] doctor would say the same thing — you’re in your 60’s, low testosterone, visceral fat. You’re fine; it’s just how it is.”

Doctors suggested that Daly get into a weight loss regimen that may help with the belly fat. However, when he returned to the doctors in 2017, they suggested he get an abdominal cat scan, which showed a massive growth.

“For a second I was vindicated, and then I was completely panicked, because when a doctor says that you have an extremely large mass, you assume that you have a cancerous tumor growing in your stomach,” Daly said. “Am I going to live, am I going to die, am I going to suffer?”

The New Jersey financial planner was later diagnosed with liposarcoma, a rare form of cancer that develops in the fat cells of the soft tissues.

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