Lewis Hamilton Reveals Why He Could Retire From F1 In 2 Years

Lewis Hamilton indicated Wednesday he could end his Formula 1 career in two years’ time after admitting he may not have the excitement he currently has for racing.

The Briton has spoken about life after motor racing on more than one occasion in the past year, but made it clear his journey with the sport is not yet reaching its conclusion. Hamilton is arguably the best racer in F1 at the moment having won three of the last four Drivers’ world championships.

The four-time world champion is targeting his fifth title in 2018 and admitted recently he is coming into the new season stronger than he was in the previous campaign. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel came close to challenging his supremacy in 2017, but fell short in the latter stages season.

Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton is yet to agree a new deal with Mercedes beyond 2018. Pictured, F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton speaks during a press conference in Sao Paulo, Nov. 8, 2017. Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images

Hamilton’s racing career is on an upward trend at the moment and he has no intention of walking away immediately. The British racing driver is unsure when his time will come, but he is certain he will not continue until he is 40, which he will be seven years from now.

“I don’t want to stop early, I don’t want to stop premature that’s for sure but I really don’t know what my time is,” Hamilton said, US News reported. “I could probably stay until I’m 40 if I wanted to but I don’t think I’m going to do that.”

“I could stay one or two more years but in two years’ time will I still have the excitement that I have now of going into another season? I really can’t tell you,” he added.

Hamilton’s talk of retirement were magnified as the Mercedes driver is yet to sign a new contract to remain in the sport beyond the 2018 season. The Briton is into the final year of his contract with the Silver Arrows team but is yet to reach an agreement despite being in talks since the end of last season.

The 33-year-old, however, is relaxed about his situation and made it clear he will not be pressured to sign a new deal and will only do so when he is ready. Hamilton confirmed he wants to stay in the sport beyond the upcoming campaign, when he targets his fifth world championship, and is confident he will agree to a new deal before the end of the season.

McLaren are ready to re-sign their former driver if he does not come to a deal with Mercedes, but it is unlikely to happen after Hamilton and Toto Wolff, the Mercedes F1 team principal and CEO, openly spoke about their commitment to each other beyond 2018.

“We started talking about it over the winter and I was like I’ll come back to it and then we picked it up again and I was like I’ll come back to it. It’s not really my priority at the moment,” Hamilton told the Associated Press in an interview, as quoted by the Express.

“I’m really super relaxed, I don’t feel pressure from the team, I don’t feel pressure within myself. I want to continue racing so I’ll have to do a contract at some stage but I’m definitely not going to do it when people want me to do it. I’ll do it when it’s ready.”

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