John Cena Reveals Why He’s Ready For A Baby With Nikki Bella

For years, John Cena maintained he had no interest in having kids. However,  his relationship with Nikki Bella and his role in the new film, “Blockers,”  has made the WWE star reconsider his previous decision.

After Cena’s and Bella’s engagement at WrestleMania 33, the couple revealed children wouldn’t be a part of their marriage, but, it looks like the “Bumblebee” star is now open to having a baby with his bride-to-be.

During an interview on the Kyle & Jackie O Show, Kyle stated he was a bit surprised Cena was finally open to having a baby. The wrestler revealed addressing his feelings have helped him see the light and changed his opinion about having children. “Yes sir, and that right there is the power of love, my friend.”

Cena admitted that it was never Bella’s decision to pass on kids. “Well, that statement is not from her, it’s from me and it’s just me being a stubborn idiot,” he explained.

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