iPhone SE 2 Specs, Features: Apple Device Reportedly Produced Exclusively In India

If a new report is to be believed, Apple’s iPhone SE 2 could be exclusively made in India. Unfortunately, this could also be a big problem because the Indian government is reportedly delaying the global launch of the device for unknown reasons. 

Technology news site Tekz24 reported last Friday that the successor to the iPhone SE is going to be a “Made in India” iPhone because Wistron in India will be the one to do the assembly work. While this is good news to fans who are awaiting the launch of the famous 4-inch smartphone’s successor, the outlet noted that there could be a problem with the global release of the iPhone SE 2. 

According to the site, “government policies and some other restrictions” are withholding the global launch of the new iOS smartphone. Therefore, fans shouldn’t expect the iPhone SE 2 to show up at Apple’s “Field Trip” event on Tuesday.

However, Apple Insider is slamming the report for its inconsistencies. For instance, Tekz24 suggested that the iPhone SE 2 could debut on the March 27 event. However, the “Field Trip” event is focused more on the debut of educational-focused iPads and Macs, rather than a new iPhone. 

Another inconsistency is the idea that Apple could be exclusively producing the iPhone SE 2 in India. The tech giant has only recently started diversifying its production lines with Wistron’s factory expansions in India. Moreover, the global supply of the iPhone SE is produced in both India and China. Plus, it’s very unlikely for Apple to allow so-called “government policies” to delay the worldwide launch of its product. 

Trekz24’s claim that the iPhone SE 2 will come equipped with the A10 processor and 2GB of RAM is also very questionable. When the iPhone SE launched in 2016, it came with the A9 chip — the same one powering the iPhone 6s. So if Apple were to launch a successor to the SE, it would most likely house the A11 Bionic processor that debuted with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Meanwhile, the iPhone SE 2 is believed to come with a bigger 4.2-inch display but with the same design as the original SE. The device is also rumored to have a glass panel on its back and slightly thinner bezels. It is reportedly debuting with a $400 price tag. For now, there is no credible information regarding the phone’s specific launch date. 

Apple Apple’s iPhone SE 2 is exclusively being produced in India. Photo: Reuters/Ralph Orlowski

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