iOS Bug Workaround: How To Prevent Siri From Reading Out Hidden Notifications

While Apple has yet to roll out a fix for the iOS bug that enables Siri to read out hidden lock screen notifications, here are ways to counter the security flaw for now.

Apple Insider has shared some workaround to prevent Siri from reading out hidden notifications on the lock screen. According to the Apple-centric news site, one way to get around the issue is by simply disabling lock screen notifications for certain apps that may contain confidential information. 

To disable notifications for apps, you need to go to Settings, then select Notifications. Choose the app that you don’t want to show notifications and swipe its “Show on Lock Screen” toggle. Do the same thing for the other apps that you don’t want to send you notifications on the lock screen. 

Another workaround for the iOS bug requires you to completely disable Siri whenever your iPhone is locked. This option can be done by heading to the Settings app, then tapping on the Siri & Search menu. There is a toggle there that reads “Allow Siri When Locked.” Switch this off so the digital assistant will no longer work when your handset is locked. 

These are just two of the known ways to temporarily address the iOS security flaw. They should be enough to control the problem until Apple rolls out a bug fix. In a statement issued to Apple Insider, Apple already confirmed that it is working on the fix. “Apple is aware of the issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming software update,” Apple said. 

So far there is no sighting of this fix in the current beta of iOS 11.3. It’s possible that the next pre-release version will come with the solution for the lock screen bug. If it does, then fans can expect iOS 11.3 to be the update that would end the problem with Siri. 

Apple is always quick to come up with fixes for bugs that are highly publicized or those that gain a lot of media attention. Hence, it won’t be a surprise if iOS 11.3 will be the update to roll out with the fix for the controversial bug. Aside from the fix though, iOS 11.3 is also anticipated by many users because it will come with new features like health records, new animoji, and an in-depth battery monitoring program. 

iPhone Apple is soon rolling out a fix for the bug that’s allowing Siri to read out hidden lock screen notifications. Photo: Reuters/Lucas Jackson

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