Hallmark Channel ‘The Sweetest Heart’ Premiere: Meet The Cast, Watch Trailer

It’s officially spring! Well, on Hallmark Channel it is, at least. The network’s starting off its Spring Fever event on Saturday with the premiere of “The Sweetest Heart,” starring Julie Gonzalo and Chris McNally.

Not only does this film act as a warm welcome to the new season, but also to McNally, who’s making his Hallmark debut. As for Gonzalo, this’ll be her third movie on the network. The freshman and the junior Hallmark stars are set to warm up TV screens all over with this new film.

“After trying a long-distance relationship, high school sweethearts Maddie (Gonzalo) and Nate (McNally) go their separate ways – Maddie staying in her hometown to follow her dream of opening a cupcake shop and Nate going to med school to become a cardiologist,” the synopsis begins. “Ten years later, as Maddie is on the cusp of expanding her small shop with her dedicated employee Chloe (Andrea Brooks), Nate returns to town as a guest lecturer at the local hospital.”

When Nate first arrives back in town, he heads to Madddie’s shop with his colleague Charley (Jordan Burtchett), leaving Maddie completely surprised. Chloe, meanwhile, is acting nervous around Charley, who she’s liked since high school. With Nate back in town now, Maddie tries her best to avoid him, but finds it difficult when he orders cupcakes for the hospital and she personally delivers them. He tries to make up for their past by offering to make a website for her shop.

sweetest heart synopsis Chris McNally and Julie Gonzalo take the lead in Hallmark Channel’s “The Sweetest Heart.” Photo: Crown Media / Kailey Schwerman

“Maddie’s friend Sarah (Tammy Gillis) urges Maddie to accept a date with Alex (Victor Zinck, Jr.), a handsome businessman who is helping her secure funding for her shop’s expansion,” the synopsis continues. “Maddie enjoys the date, though Alex’s big city lifestyle is very different than her own. Meanwhile, Charley develops feelings for Chloe, despite not remembering her from high school, and Sarah grows frustrated by her fiancé Luke’s (Clayton Chitty) reluctance to set a wedding date.”

Maddie and Nate once again grow closer when her oven breaks and she needs to use the hospital’s kitchen to bake before her investor arrives. The two work together, making sure the baked goods are ready and the store is stocked in time.

“To celebrate their successful investor meeting, Alex takes Maddie out on another date but her heart isn’t in it,” according to the synopsis. “Instead, after receiving the news that the investor has accepted her proposal, she takes Nate on a special hike and even makes him his favorite cupcake, which she hasn’t made since their days together a decade ago.”

As their feelings rekindle, Maddie and Nate realize that maybe they should give their relationship another shot, but then Nate finds out that he’s receiving the grant he wanted and a big opportunity is waiting for him in Boston. Not wanting to try long-distance again and get her heart broken, Maddie gives Nate back the promise ring that he gave her a long time ago.

“When he arrives to Boston, Nate begins to realize how much he left behind,” the synopsis reveals. “Back in town, Maddie prepares for her grand reopening, Sarah realizes there is a romantic reason behind Luke’s hesitation to set a wedding date, and Charley builds up the courage to ask Chloe on a date. As Maddie’s shop opening nears, Nate must decide if his future lies in Boston with work, or in his hometown with Maddie.”

Watch in all unfold when “The Sweetest Heart” airs on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.

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