Hallmark Channel ‘Royal Matchmaker’ Premiere: Meet The Cast, Watch Trailer

Hallmark Channel’s Spring Fever event continues with the premiere of “Royal Matchmaker” on Saturday, starring Joy Lenz and Will Kemp. The new royal flick will be Kemp’s first-ever Hallmark movie, while it’ll be Lenz’s first on Hallmark Channel, specifically. The actress played the lead in 2014’s “The Christmas Secret” on the sister network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Now, the two are set to give viewers what they can’t get enough of: A love story with a royal twist.

“Matchmaker Kate Gleason (Lenz) is so good at bringing soul mates together she’s been dubbed the ‘Queen of Hearts’ and after years at a large firm, she’s branched out on her own,” the synopsis begins. “While things are slow at first, word has been spreading and one day King Edward of Voldavia (Simon Dutton) calls to enlist Kate’s help to find a match for his son Prince Sebastian (Kemp). The King is ready to pass the torch to his son at the Jubilee Ball just four weeks away and he wants the Prince to present his future Queen at the celebration.”

Kate accepts the challenge and heads abroad with her assistant Britney (Brittany Bristow) to meet Prince Sebastian and start their journey finding him a royal match. Her job is made a little more difficult when Prince Sebastian is skeptical of her services and the idea that there’s a perfect someone for everyone.

“Having grown up in the public eye, he’s built a moat around his heart and his valet Victor (Joseph Thompson) is the only one he trusts,” the synopsis continues. “They became close when Sebastian’s mother passed away and in turn, the Prince was there for Victor when his wife died. Having seen his friend’s good heart, Victor knows all he needs is a royal ‘push’ toward happiness, and it was he who convinced the King to hire Kate.”

The Prince and the matchmaker are immediately at odds with each other, though it’s clear there’s an attraction they’re both ignoring. Still, Kate has a job to do and she’s determined to open his heart to finding love with a suitable match.

royal matchmaker hallmark trailer Will Kemp and Joy Lenz fall in love in “Royal Matchmaker” on Hallmark Channel. Photo: Crown Media / Gabriel Hennessey

“While Britney runs a digital search for royal matches, Kate follows His Highness on a typical day of ribbon cutting and dodging the press,” the synopsis shares. “But it’s during a statue dedication when the Prince evokes his mother’s memory that Kate finally sees his more tender side. She’s also been doing research on her client and has learned that during his travels the Prince helped to reroof schoolhouses, so she takes Sebastian to a rundown recreation center hoping he’ll lend a royal hand.”

It’s there that Kate realizes there’s a spark between the Prince’s valet and the woman who runs the center, which leads her to foster that connection. Since Sebastian hasn’t liked any of her candidates so far, it made Kate happy to see she could still find at least one good match.

“Truth be told, Kate isn’t too upset the Prince hasn’t felt butterflies for anyone, because that’s what she’s been feeling for him,” the synopsis reveals. “Somehow this Dark Prince has turned into her very own Prince Charming, and Kate finally admits to Britney she’s fallen in love. But still bent on doing her job, Kate introduces Sebastian to Petra (Eva Trill), her top match, and is heartbroken when they appear to click.”

Not wanting to see the happy couple at the Jubilee, Kate runs off, but the King finds her at the train station and convinces her to come back because he can see that she’s his son’s true love. Seems the King’s intuition is on point because as soon as the Prince and Kate see each other, the love they have for one another is clear as can be.

See their love story unfold when “Royal Matchmaker” airs on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.

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