Hallmark Channel ‘Home By Spring’ Premiere: Meet The Cast, Watch Trailer

Poppy Drayton and Steven R. McQueen star in Hallmark Channel’s latest original movie, “Home by Spring,” which debuts on Saturday. This marks Drayton’s return to the network after starring as the original Elizabeth Thatcher in the 2013 film version of “When Calls the Heart,” before Erin Krakow took on the role for the show. As for McQueen, this will be his first Hallmark movie, coming off his time on CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and NBC’s “Chicago Fire.”

Here’s what fans can expect from this fresh duo:

“Loretta Johnson (Drayton) moves away from her small hometown to pursue her dream of event planning, leaving her boyfriend Wayne Hendricks (McQueen) behind,” the synopsis begins. “Two years later, as an assistant to Los Angeles event planner Amy Bennett, Loretta’s work catches the attention of engaged couple Paul Perentti (Scott Bailey) and Michelle Wellerson (Katrina Norman). The two mistake Loretta for Amy, and when Amy hires someone else instead of promoting Loretta, Loretta decides to keep up the charade to win their business.”

It works out well for her and Paul and Michelle hire her to help him impress Michelle’s father Arthur (Kix Brooks) in order to get his blessing. Despite feeling a little strange about pretending to be Amy, Loretta sets up a nice, outdoorsy weekend for Paul and Arthur in her hometown. Her mother Susan (Mary-Margaret Humes) suggests that Loretta use Wayne’s hotel for the planned getaway and Wayne agrees because he needs the money even though their relationship didn’t end too well.

home by spring cast Poppy Drayton and Steven R. McQueen take on the lead roles in Hallmark Channel’s “Home by Spring.” Photo: Crown Media / Bonnie Marquette

“Loretta covers for Paul’s lack of outdoor experience but Paul still struggles to impress Arthur,” the synopsis continues. “Susan tries to help by encouraging Arthur to give Paul a chance, though, and Arthur takes her words to heart. While spending time with Loretta, Wayne confesses that he had planned to propose to her before she moved.”

Not wanting to keep up the charade about her identity any longer, Loretta plans to come clean but Paul discovers the truth first and agrees to keep it under wraps. Matters get more complicated, though, when Loretta’s actor boyfriend Howard (Michael Welch) arrives and pretends to be Amy’s eccentric boyfriend.

“Before Paul can ask for Arthur’s blessing, Howard proposes to Loretta in character,” the synopsis reveals. “Realizing their relationship isn’t meant to be, Loretta and Howard break up. Later, Loretta confesses to Arthur, who is upset that he was the last to know and plans to leave the next day. With time to help Paul running out, Loretta brings Michelle to town. She tells her father that Paul makes her happy, which opens Arthur’s eyes to what is truly important and ultimately offers his blessing.”

The only person left for Loretta to confess to is her boss, who ends up both forgiving and promoting her because of her go-getter attitude. Once she’s back home in Los Angeles, Loretta begins to realize that the fast-paced life she once wanted might not be what she still desires, especially with her mom and Wayne back in her hometown. With a big choice to make, Loretta “must decide where she truly belongs.”

Find out what she chooses to do when “Home by Spring” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.

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