‘Ghosted’: Adam Scott Talks Fox Show’s Revamp, Teases New Batch Of Episodes

“Ghosted” star Adam Scott is excited about the revamped version of the Fox paranormal comedy.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Scott shared the biggest changes new showrunner Paul Lieberstein has made on the series so far.

“It’s more character-driven now and the central mystery is spread out over six episodes so you have time to feel the weirdness of it,” said Scott, who plays Max Jennifer on the series. “The paranormal aspect is more of a question: Do paranormal things exist? The biggest danger before, to me, was it becoming ‘Scooby-Doo.’ [But] I’m really excited about it now. It feels nice to want to run to work in the morning.”

Lieberstein replaced “Ghosted’s” original showrunner Kevin Etten, who co-created the series with Tom Gormican and exec produced the first 10 episodes of the comedy. Sources told Deadline last November that hiring Lieberstein was part of Fox’s plan to change the tone of the show and make it more of a workplace comedy.

“I’ll say this: I think it’s possible for a bunch of well-meaning people to enjoy working with each other and realize at some point they were each working on different shows. That’s what happened with us,” Scott said when asked if the show’s major tonal revamp suggests that the show’s first episodes didn’t work. “Part of it was me thinking we were making a mix of ‘Midnight Run’ and ‘The Twilight Zone,’ without considering that everybody might not like ‘Midnight Run’ or even know what I meant when I said that.”

“It just wasn’t the show that any of us set out to make,” Scott continued. “It’s hard when you only have 21-and-a-half minutes to introduce a villain, monster, or any sort of ‘case’ week after week. There’s a reason those types of shows are 42 minutes. You need time to let something marinate. We didn’t have time to let it get scary.”

“Ghosted” has aired nine episodes of its 16-episode first season. The remaining seven, including the back six episodes overseen by Lieberstein, will return later in the season. “Ghosted’s” most recent original installment was broadcast Jan. 7.

Adam Scott as Max Jennifer “Ghosted” star Adam Scott said that the back six episodes of the Fox series are “more character-driven” than the show’s previous installment. Photo: Fox/Kevin Estrada

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