‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Sonny’s Celebration Create Peace Between Jason And Liz?

The Friday, March 30 episode of “General Hospital” will mark a special time in Port Charles, as Sonny tries to jog Mike’s memory by throwing a party to recreate a time when his father was at the peak of his life. The episode will also celebrate 55 years since the soap opera made its debut on ABC.

Jason (Steve Burton) is in attendance to toast to the good times and runs into Liz (Rebecca Herbst) during the soirée. The two haven’t been on the best terms because of her relationship with Franco (Roger Howarth), but after Liz left him over keeping secrets, Jason was willing to make nice with the mother of his child.

“GH” spoilers reveal Jason and Liz will put aside their differences. Although Franco’s past violent actions have been blamed on a brain tumor, Jason can’t get past what he has done. Jason still holds a grudge against Franco after he sexually assaulted Sam (Kelly Monaco) and had Michael (Chad Duell) raped in prison.

However,  Liz has since insisted Franco is a changed man and intended on marrying him. Although she did break up with him once she found out he was hiding secrets from his past, he was later kidnapped and almost killed by Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan). Once Franco escaped, she was happy to find out he was alive and ready to continue a life with him.

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