‘Famous In Love’ Season 2 Spoilers: Meet The New Cast Members

Freeform’s hit series “Famous in Love” is back with its two-hour Season 2 premiere on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EDT. While all of the original cast members are returning to help answer all of the questions raised during last season’s finale, they won’t be alone. Joining those stars are a slew of newbies ready to shake things up.

famous in love season 2 cast Freeform’s “Famous In Love” stars Carter Jenkins as Rainer, Bella Thorne as Paige and Keith Powers as Jordan, but more actors are joining them in Season 2. Photo: Freeform/Eric McCandless

Get to know the new cast members showing up on “Famous in Love” this season:

Romeo Miller (Pablo $$)

The actor should have no problem connecting with his character, which is pronounced “Pablo Money,” as Miller’s not just known for TV shows and movies, but also for his music career. Now he gets to once again combine the two, like he did on his Nickelodeon show “Romeo!” from 2003 to 2006.

“Pablo is known for his suggestive and confident anthems and undeniable stage presence,” the network confirmed to TVLine. “He’s the real deal when it comes to talent: a songwriter, producer and perfectionist and his rise to fame was fast and furious.”

Sofia Carson (Sloan)

Before Disney Channel’s “Descendants” star moves over to Freeform as Ava in the new “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff series, Carson is set to recur on this drama-filled show on the network. She’ll play Sloan, whose father is a big producer, and she’s “coming to stir things up,” according to her co-star Charlie Depew (Jake). That said, Carson told Young Hollywood that she can’t really relate to Sloan’s not-so-nice persona, but there are other aspects she finds similar to herself.

“I can relate to her in the sense that she went to college like I went to college,” Sofia said. “She’s also kind of fashion forward and I love fashion as well. She’s a little bit more of a baddie than I am. I’m definitely not as cool as Sloan, or probably as Ava [on ‘The Perfectionists’]. I’m not really cool at all. So in that sense, it’s kind of fun to play the mean girl.”

Ally Brooke (TBD)

There isn’t much scoop yet on who the Fifth Harmony alum will be playing. She could be portraying a version of herself or a whole new character, as anything goes in the world of “Famous in Love.” We do know that she spent some time on set with Pep Sonuga (Tangey) and Miller, though.

“Watch out for me in season 2 of #FamousInLove,” Brooke wrote on Instagram. “PS – these two are completely unreal magical humans! I had the most unforgettable time on set today Thank you times a million to everyone for welcoming me and making today SO MUCH DARN FUN! See you next year.”

Danielle Campbell (Harper)

Campbell’s character Harper will show up in the Season 2 premiere of the show, so fret not fans from her time on CW’s “The Originals” and Disney’s “StarStruck,” you’ll be seeing her really soon. The actress shared a scene of hers on Instagram and it looks like she has her sights set on Rainer (Carter Jenkins).

Claudia Lee (Billy)

If the clip Lee shared to Instagram of a scene with her “Famous in Love” character is any indication, then her snobby and rude “Hart of Dixie” character, Magnolia, was good practice for Billy. The Season 2 clip she posted has her onscreen persona completely telling off Cassie (Georgie Flores) and putting her in her place.

Janis Valdez (Marisol)

We know that Valdez, who’s had roles on “Criminal Minds” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” will be playing a girl named Marisol, but just exactly how she fits into the storyline remains to be seen.

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