‘Factorio’ Price Change, Version 1.0 Announced

Wube Software is rolling out “Factorio” version 1.0 soon. Ahead of it, the developer has decided to increase the price of the real-time strategy video game.

On Friday, the team behind the game announced through a blog post that there is going to be a price change before “Factorio” 1.0 comes out. The team stated that they feel that now is the time for them to adjust the pricing because “Factorio” is now close to exiting the Early Access zone.

For fans who followed the journey of the game, it was back in 2012 when Wube started working on “Factorio.” It then became available as an Early Access game in 2014. At present, the game is at version 0.16. The team disclosed that the next update, version 0.17, is likely going to be version 1.0. When this happens, “Factorio” will no longer be in the Early Access program. However, the team also pointed out that the process will take some more months.

Alongside the development of the game into a more stable and polished title, Wube thinks that it’s also high time for it to raise the price of the game. The developer said that after careful consideration, it has decided to increase the price from $20 to $30.

The price increase will take effect starting on April 16, 2018, so it’s best to buy a copy of “Factorio” ahead of the date. The team said that this is the final price update for the 1.0 version of game. However, if something unforeseen happens, they could issue another update and implement a different price.

For the unfamiliar, “Factorio” is a game about building and creating factories in an infinite 2D world. Products made by the factories are expected to increase in complexity, so as to develop the world where the game is set. Players also have the challenging tasks of mining resources and researching technologies in order for them to build and maintain their factories.

Wube is offering a free demo to those who are interested in the game. The demo only contains a subset that is available in the alpha, and it is designed to introduce the basic mechanics of the game to players. Check out more information and download the demo here.

Factorio “Factorio” is stepping out of Early Access soon. Photo: Wube Software/Steam

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