Expert Explains Strengths, Challenges Of Prince Harry-Meghan Markle, Prince William-Kate Middleton Relationships

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship likely has setbacks and challenges and so does Kate Middleton and Prince William’s.

Every relationship has its own strengths and weaknesses. Tracey Cox, a columnist who specializes in dating, sex and relationships, recently speculated on the romance between Prince Harry and Markle and Prince William and Middleton.

Prince Harry and Markle

The “Suits” star and the prince are getting married in a few weeks, and everyone is excited for the royal wedding. Cox shared a glimpse of what strengths and challenges their relationship has.


According to Cox, there are a lot of things that hold Prince and Harry and Markle together. For instance, they have common goals. She is strong and independent, and he lets her be herself.

In addition, Prince Harry and Markle were already adults when they met. Both have already formed their individuality. Also, their friends and family are supportive of their relationship.


Although their royal romance is very ideal, there are also setbacks. Markle is an accomplished actress, but gave up her acting career to be with Prince Harry.

In addition, Markle was previously married. This could mean that “she has no intention of staying married unless it’s working.” Due to this, some don’t approve of her for Prince Harry. In fact, former MP Anne Widdecombe called her “trouble.”

The actress is also 36 years old. Prince Harry and Markle have expressed their desire to start a family soon. But according to experts, couples who have a strong foundation of time together before having kids are better at coping with the stress of parenting.

Prince William and Middleton

Prince William and Middleton are not very affectionate in public, but they have a strong relationship. In fact, they have said a lot of sweet things about each other. Check out Cox’s statements about the couple.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge knew each other for years before they got married. They also broke up for a few months and got back together. According to Cox, this is a good indication that both can heal old wounds and move forward.

In addition, both are prepared for their future roles. Prince William is the third in line to the throne, and Middleton is supportive of him. She allows him to lead, and they follow the unwritten protocol set by the queen to never indulge in PDA.

In addition, both are sporty and have a good sense of humor. Although they rarely hold hands in public, their affection for each other is visible. Prince William and Middleton are expecting their third baby in April.


According to Cox, while it’s good that both met when they were just teens, there are also downsides to this. They have missed a lot of partying because they were already together in college. In addition, when one grows in another direction, it can be “more destabilising.”

Also, when Prince William becomes king, his royal duties might come before his family. The Duke of Cambridge’s workload will be exhausting, so this may affect his time for his wife and kids.

What can you say on Cox’s revelations about Prince Harry and Markle’s and Prince William and Middleton’s relationships? Drop a comment below.

Fab Four Tracey Cox explained Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Prince William, Kate Middleton’s relationship in details. Pictured: Prince Harry, Markle, Middleton and Prince William attend the 2018 Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 12, 2018 in London. Photo: Getty Images/Chris Jackson.

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