Daycare Owner Elvira Ortega Threw Baby On Bathroom Floor, Broke Infant’s Legs

A daycare owner in Salt Lake, Utah, was arrested Monday after being accused of breaking an infant’s legs.

Elvira Ortega, 66, who runs an unlicensed daycare center, allegedly slammed a less than one-year-old child “down on the bathroom floor, feet first, fracturing both legs” on Feb. 23, according to a Salt Lake County Jail report, local news outlet KSL reported. 

The infant’s mother dropped off her 10-month-old boy to Ortega’s daycare center in the morning of the alleged incident, the records show. When she returned to pick up her kid, she found that the boy showed signs of distress and physical pain.

The baby “did not want to sit, crawl, or move and only wanted to be held” on the following day. The concerned mother went back to confront Ortega and her daughter who runs the daycare facility and demanded an explanation for her son’s behavior.

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