‘Counterpart’ Season 1 Finale Sneak Peek: Quayle Learns About The Mass Shooting

Fancher informs Quayle about the horrendous massacre at the Office of Interchange in a sneak peek from this week’s Season 1 finale of Syfy’s “Counterpart.”

In the minute-long clip, Fancher (Richard Schiff) tells Quayle (Harry Lloyd) about how clueless he was when he saw Helen suddenly shoot random people at work in the last episode.

“Helen, my secretary. I bought her a scarf. It was her birthday,” Fancher recounts. “And then this woman, whoever she was, she looks me straight into the eye. [With a] semi-automatic [pistol] in her hand, [she] walks right by me. Why would she just walk right by me?”

Unbeknown to Fancher, the Helen who opened fire at their office wasn’t really his secretary, but a sleeper agent from the other side of the wall.

When Quayle asked how the incident came to an end, Fancher told his son-in-law that the two of the shooters died, while the third, Angel Eyes (Nolan Gerard Funk), “managed to crawl halfway through The Crossing where he remains.”

“He’s alive?” asks Quayle.

“For now,” Fancher replies. “That young man, that assassin doesn’t belong to us. They [the other side] need to take possession of him. They need to acknowledge these murderers come from their side.”

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