Chase Bank App For iPhone X Now Supports Display Notch

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is rolling out a new version of its Chase Bank app, called Chase Mobile, for iOS devices. The update is special to iPhone X owners because it comes with the anticipated support for the 10th anniversary iPhone’s display notch. 

When users update their Chase Mobile app to version 2.661, they will notice that the app now embraces the notch of the iPhone X. This means the so-called ears surrounding the notch will now be occupied by the app, leaving no room for black pixels when the app is running. 

It’s just about time that Chase Mobile gets optimized for the iPhone X’s unique display. The app is one of the widely used iOS apps, and not having support for the notch has been a concern for some meticulous iPhone X owners. 

Since Apple released the iPhone X in November of last year, many developers have exerted effort in optimizing their apps for the new flagship handset. However, there are also companies who are not so keen on updating their apps to embrace the iPhone X’s unique design. At present, iMovie, Amazon Alexa, NBC Sports and many others still do not natively support the 10th anniversary model, as pointed out by MacRumors

While many existing apps have yet to gain support for the iPhone X’s notch, all new iOS apps that are launching in the App Store next month are forced to have the optimization. Apple already announced in February that developers who are working on new iOS apps should build their apps using the iOS 11 SDK

Meanwhile, the changelog for the latest version of Chase Mobile reveals all of the other changes the new update brings. For instance, there’s a new “Profile & Settings” screen that grants quick access to alerts, messages, documents and settings. 

The update also makes it possible for users to conveniently set up and manage automatic payments for Chase credit cards and add pay-from accounts from other banks to their Chase credit card bill. Version 2.661 also enables eligible customers to add their accounts from other banks and use them to transfer money to and from their Chase accounts. 

The latest version of Chase Mobile is clocking in at 120.8 MB. It also requires iOS 10.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Chase Bank Chase Bank’s mobile app has now been optimized for the iPhone X’s unique display. Photo: Reuters/Jim Young

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