Camilla Parker-Bowles Not Writing Tell-All Book About Royal Family, Report Says

Camilla Parker-Bowles is not writing anything against the royal family.

New Idea reported that the Duchess of Cornwall is “set to blow the lid off the royal family” with her $12 million tell-all book. The write up reportedly “caused terror to rip through the royal family in what they fear could be the biggest scandal they’ve ever faced. The entire family has been shaken to the core, especially Charles.”

The so-called source claimed that in the said book, Camilla revealed her views about Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle that would surely “shock the world.” She also shared the queen’s reaction about Prince Harry and the “Suits” star’s romance.

The Duchess reportedly received a $10 million offer to spill the secrets on her life with Prince Charles. But she is not doing this for money. The Duchess of Cornwall was “so fed up with so many things behind palace doors.”

The tabloid added that Prince Charles’ wife is in “top secret negotiations with book publishers in the U.S.”

However, Gossip Cop has revealed that there is no truth to the report. A royal insider just laughed off the matter and said that it is 100 percent “not true.”

Camilla and Prince Charles have a great relationship and it is unlikely for the former to make derogatory remarks about her husband and the royal family as a whole. If one looks back at their romance, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall started dating even before they married their ex-spouses. They also remained amicable the whole time.

Also, Camilla has been warm to Middleton and Markle. In fact, she reportedly invited the future royal for lunch and helped her with her pre-wedding jitters. She also did the same for the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

Markle reportedly admired the way Camilla worked hard to overcome the bad publicity and prejudice she went through after Princess Diana’s death. The Duchess of Cornwall will make a good confidant to Markle as they have a number of similarities.

“They would have had much to talk about anyway as both are divorcees and, like Camilla, Meghan is most probably going to be transformed from a commoner into a royal duchess,” Ryan Kay wrote.

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Royal Family Camilla Parker Bowles is not writing a tell-all book against the royal family. Pictured: Kate Middleton, Camilla, Queen Elizabeth II depart after visiting the Fortnum And Mason Store on March 1, 2012 in London. Photo: Getty Images/Ian Gavan

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